Trouble in Pair o Dice

--- Nathan, Jared, Drew, Austin, Darien ---

In this fantasy improvised comedy, join Nathan as he leads his friends Jared, Drew, Austin, and Darien through the world and game of Knight's Quest. The bounty hunter, shadow warrior, dragon blooded, and drink enthusiast crew set off to fight monsters and cause trouble. This is a spin off of the podcast Knight's Quest with a bit more vulgarity. New episodes every other Friday.

Brought to you by Nathan, Jared, Drew, Austin, Darien of Trouble in Pair o Dice

Latest Episodes…

  1. 1.03: Sus Dice

    Our group of adventurers enter the city of Greenstone where Alarin and Jameson get some booze, Eggon and Sho go to meet an old friend, and Sho has an inner conflict begin.   ...


  2. 1.02: F*** High Elves

    Our 4 unlikely adventurers begin their journey to Westwreath and have some interesting encounters on the road. Elves, guards, and bears, oh my! ...


  3. 1.01: Silly Names

    The adventure begins in a tavern in the little lumber town of Fellermiri. As four strangers meet each other, are given a monster to hunt, and shenanigans ensue. ...


  4. Trouble in Pair o Dice Trailer

    The trailer for the first Knight's Quest Spin off show. Join Nathan as he leads Jared, Darien, Drew, and Austin as they embark on their not-so-heroic adventures. New epsodes every other Friday starting on August 6th, 2021. ...