Knight's Quest

--- Nathan, Jamie, and Jake ---

Three friends improvise a story together by creating a game, characters, and a fantasy world. Jamie is the unknowing hero. Jake plays multiple quirky cast members. And Nathan ties it all together as the Writer of the story. No one knows what will happen next, because it's all improvised! Join the quest with new episodes every other Friday.
Brought to you by Nathan, Jamie, and Jake of Knight's Quest

Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep 2.16: All Coming Together

    The group is all reunited once again. Words are exchanged, laughter is had, plans are made, food is eaten. But time runs short as trouble comes knocking and the fate of the Gate rests in their hands. ...


  2. Knight Time Ep. 5: Meta podcast

    Another episode of Knight Time, the show about the show. This provides another schedule changing announcement. We discuss a fan theory, our favorite moments from season two, and the Nathan's name on Jake's phone. ...


  3. Ep 2.15: Going Lighter

    After spending time in the dark, things have changed for everyone. Many people now experience the result of their transactions. Raner has to adapt to the enhanced conflict. Jonathan knows his next steps. Katrina's new look is unmasked. ...


  4. Ep 2.14: From Bad to Dark

    Raner is forced to lead a group that he had previously fought against. Will this responsiblity be used to fix problems or to create more of them? Katrina tries to conquor a foe that bested her before. Grorg and Jonathan learn something new about something blue. Leroy has a slumber ...


  5. Ep 2.13: Marked and Merced

    Raner makes a decision. There are consequences when decisions are made. ...