Knight's Quest

--- Nathan, Jamie, and Jake ---

Three friends improvise a story together by creating a game, characters, and a fantasy world. Jamie is the unknowing hero. Jake plays multiple quirky cast members. And Nathan ties it all together as the Writer of the story. No one knows what will happen next, because it's all improvised! Join the quest with new episodes every other Friday.
Brought to you by Nathan, Jamie, and Jake of Knight's Quest

Latest Episodes…

  1. The Ballad of Bombadiglio

    In this one shot story, the roles get changed up. Nathan plays a traveling Scribe. Jake plays a sand magician from Terrive. And Jamie runs the rest of the story! In a quiet village, a knock-off talent show celebrates its 20th anniversary. But when things are put under new management, ...


  2. Ep 2.28: Mystical Memorial

    The adventure continues as our newly united crew heads back into the desert. Grorg shares about his family. Jonathan reconsiders the business plan. Raner intentionally walks into an army. ...


  3. Ep 2.27: Clashing, Chasing, Crumbling

    Our gang debriefs the past few days. They test their newest toy and it goes as you expect it would. Grorg gets a make over. Raner shares his thoughts and fears. We also get to hear how some of other other characters are doing, which results in death.  ...


  4. Ep 2.26: Spiritual Gifts

    Our heros return to their new friend to figure out how to move forward. Along the way, many stories about spirits and the Oasis are shared. Jonathan and Grorg receive a gift. Leroy has a scary idea. And Raner makes a plan. ...


  5. Ep 2.25: Simple Debate

    The spiritual communing coninues. Jonathan and Grorg find themselves in a tight spot. Will quick thinking and good dice rolls save them this time? Raner has a heart to heart. Leroy gets wet, though some debate that last part. ...