Knight's Quest

--- Nathan, Jamie, and Jake ---

Three friends improvise a story together by creating a game, characters, and a fantasy world. Jamie is the unknowing hero. Jake plays multiple quirky cast members. And Nathan ties it all together as the Writer of the story. No one knows what will happen next, because it's all improvised! Join the quest with new episodes every other Friday.
Brought to you by Nathan, Jamie, and Jake of Knight's Quest

Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep 1.21: Shattered Beliefs

    It's final boss fight time, and it's going to get messy! Time to dust off those special items, remember our half made combat rules, and determine whether the meurgicians will be able to make it out alive. Quis talks with his boss. Jonathan kicks butt. Raner rolls for music. And ...


  2. Ep 1.20: Smoke Out

    The meurgicians' plan is in action, but will it be helpful or cause even more problems? Quis gets into a hot situation, Jonathan commits a new kind of crime, Leroy finds something he loves more than bread, and Raner has to face his biggest threat yet. ...


  3. Ep 1.19: Taking a Chance

    It's time to come up with a plan to solve this issue once and for all. Raner struggles with his music, Leroy discovers his true power, Quis meets RR, and Jonathan makes a new best friend. ...


  4. Ep 1.18: Blown Away

    After their meeting the meurgicians (yes, that's how we're going to spell it) are in a mess, and it doesn't help that they are separated. Leroy and Quis share their story. Raner starts to create a plan. Jonathan has to deal with consequences of past mistakes. Katrina finds what she's ...


  5. Ep 1.17: Blacked Out

    After barely escaping from their last mission, Katrina, Jonathan, and Raner finally get to face the person in charge. But will their enemies lure them into a new plan? Jonathan gets asked a tough question, Katrina negotiates a deal, Quis shares his dream, Leroy keeps a secret, and Raner rolls ...