Knight's Quest

--- Nathan, Jamie, and Jake ---

Three friends improvise a story together by creating a game, characters, and a fantasy world. Jamie is the unknowing hero. Jake plays multiple quirky cast members. And Nathan ties it all together as the Writer of the story. No one knows what will happen next, because it's all improvised! Join the quest with new episodes every other Friday.
Brought to you by Nathan, Jamie, and Jake of Knight's Quest

Latest Episodes…

  1. Ep 1.30: Be Better

    The tournament comes to a conclusion, only one team can win. Meanwhile, Raner has the fate of Goldon in his hands, and his alone. Jonathan and Grog find something better, Quis keeps working hard, and Raner returns to the tomb. ...


  2. Ep 1.29: Fantasy League

    Things are looking up for the town of Goldon, and the town decides to celebrate with some recreational activities! But while everyone is having fun, Raner can't seem to escape his destiny. But this time, maybe he'll do something about it. ...


  3. Ep 1.28: Wringing Ring

    It's time for the longest episode yet... as far as how much time passes in the story. We get to see what happens to the meurgicians as the weeks pass by.  Quis gets a job. Raner asks some questions. Jonathan develops a business. And has anyone seen Leroy? ...


  4. Ep 1.27: Blue Nonsense

    It seems that there can never be anything normal in Goldon. Especially after what has now happened to the mine. Jonathan meets an old foe. Quis discovers his true potential. Leroy has a talk with his parents. And Raner remembers his mom.  ...


  5. Ep 1.26: Returning Customers

    The meurgicians are home! That doesn't mean things will return to normal, but there will be the return of loved and not so loved characters. Raner has to explain his actions. Grorg gets a friendly welcome. Jonathan updates his wardrobe. And Quis decorates the town. ...